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Moore on Communication | Ronnie Moore: Changing Lives by Changing Communications…At Work & At Home


“Ronnie is amazing. She has our employees communicating more effectively with our clients, vendors, and each other.”
—IHOP Corporation

“I’ve watched Ronnie wow audiences with her incredible knowledge and easy-to-use communication tools for years. And for years, I’ve advised her that she should put it all in a book. Now she has and we’re all better off for it.”
—Robin Innes, Director, Employee Training and Development
California State University, Fullerton

“She’s helped me have a better shot at successfully communicating with my teenager…what a powerful tool that’s been for me! She’s amazing.”
—Suzanne D., Single Mom, Roswell, Georgia

“I heard her speak at our big annual convention, and I learned more about communication from her in that hour than I have in all the speeches and trainings I’ve experienced combined!”
—Keith S. Member, National Tour Association

“She’s awesome, just awesome!”
—Los Angeles Unified Schools

“I read Tricks that Stick, Ronnie’s book on written communication. I learned a lot, and I am so glad she’s now written a book on spoken communication. It will help me communicate better with everyone in my life, from family to friends to the people at work because it deals with the issues I struggle with, like thinking before I speak, keeping my emotions in check, dealing with the dirty tactics used by others, and remembering what I’m trying to achieve so that I choose my words and my strategies carefully. Thanks, Ronnie!”
—Susan G., Dallas, Texas

“Ronnie: Months after your communications workshop, we’re still making use of what we learned. Staff communication has improved, and we all have new communication tools to use with the public. Your workshop was entertaining as well as informative; even more important, you left valuable information for us to keep using well after the workshop was over.”
—Georgia State Soccer Association

“What an outstanding job you did at MTA to help us improve our business writing skills, issues such as how our brain and eyes work when we write and when we read, usability, things most writing training doesn’t begin to cover. Also impressed with your approach to presenting your material. You are organized, professional, and perceptive to the needs of your audience. I must admit I was skeptical of your claim that we would learn and have fun, given the potentially boring topic, but you made good on your promises! Thank you.”
—Los Angeles Metroplitan Transportation Authority

“Ronnie and I have presented training together, and I know first hand her ability to communicate clear and usable information in an enjoyable way. People learn from her, and they rate her as one of the best instructors they have encountered.”
—Dr. Susan Kleimann, President
Kleimann Communication Group, Inc.
First Director of the Center for Plain Language



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